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About Us

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Brenda's School of Twirling started in January 1984 in Shediac, New Brunswick.  In 1998, we formed a Board of Directors and changed the name to Club Baton Atlantik.  In July 2015 Club Baton Atlantik opened its own studio in Moncton offering classes in baton twirling, acrobatics, dance, pompom and specialty classes from recreational to competitive levels.


The club offers many great opportunities to all twirlers by participating in the Moncton Santa Claus Parade every year, badge clinics, year-end recital, Half Time Shows, fundraising activities, pre-event competitions, competitive competitions, community performances, workshops, and different club activities.


Club Baton Atlantik had the opportunity to travel across the country with many talented athletes at many local, provincial, national and international competitions.


Canadian Championships

1990 (Montreal); 1991 (Calgary); 1994 (Newmarket); 1996 (Newmarket); 1997 (Edmonton); 1998 (Newmarket); 1999 (Vancouver); 2000 (Winnipeg); 2001 (Saskatoon); 2002 (Moncton); 2003 (Toronto); 2005 (Edmonton); 2006 (Toronto); 2007 (Regina); 2008 (Moncton); 2009 (Edmonton); 2010 (Toronto); 2011 (Winnipeg); 2012 (Regina); 2013 (Moncton); 2014 (Calgary); 2015 (Oshawa); 2016 (Edmonton); 2017 (Saint John); 2018 (Winnipeg); 2019 (Regina); 2020 cancelled because of COVID-19 (Moncton); 2021 Virtual Canadians; 2022 (Moncton); 2023 (Edmonton); 2024 (Ontario)


Team Trials

May 2012  (Barrie, Ontario) Monica Boudreau and Annick Leger; May 2016 (Oshawa, Ontario) Brianna Middleton and Mylène Bastarache; May 2018 (Hamilton, Ontario) Brianna Middleton and Mylène Bastarache ; May 2020 cancelled because of COVID-19 (Regina); May 2021 (cancelled); May 2022 (Regina, Saskatchewan) Brianna Middleton; March 2024 (Regina, Saskatchewan) Brianna Middleton


Twirl Mania

Orlando, Florida in 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2024


International Cup / IBTF Nations Cup

Coach Brenda, Monica, Lisa and Annick had the opportunity to travel and watch the IC/World 2007 (Hamilton, Ontario); 2009 (Sydney, Australia - Lisa Pitre); 2011 (Jacksonville, Florida - Monica Boudreau, Annick Leger, Anika Boucher); 2013 (Almere, Netherlands - Anika Boucher, Genevieve Cormier); 2015 (Abbotsford, British Columbia - Anika Boucher, Genevieve Cormier, Brianna Middleton, Julie Allain, Dakota Steeves, Mylène Bastarache); 2017 (Porec, Croatia - Brianna Middleton, Mylène Bastarache, Julie Allain); 2019 (Limoges, France - Brianna Middleton, Leanne Plewes); 2023 (Liverpool, England - Sophie Babineau, Lucy Gray, Julie Allain); 


Grand Prix/IBTF World Championship

2017 (Porec, Croatia - Brianna Middleton, Mylène Bastarache, Julie Allain); 2019 (Limoges, France - Brianna Middleton); 2023 (Liverpool, England - Brianna Middleton). Brianna is the World 3Baton Silver Medalist.  

Pan Pacific

2017 (Stockton, California - Brianna Middleton); 2020 (Red Deer, Alberta - Brianna Middleton, Alexie Richard)


World Championship

2012 (France - Monica Boudreau Trans Canada Team); 2022 (Turin, Italy - Brianna Middleton Sr. Freestyle Alternate); 2024 (Helsingborg, Sweden - Brianna Middleton Trans Canada Team & Sr. Freestyle Alternate)


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